At MCA -Mumbai Combat Arts Training Center, via FITNESS training, We make people fit via our various martial combat training modules, they become leaner, stronger, more flexible, more agile, gather more stamina and get more ready to endure the travelling, the stress and other rigors of city life

Via REHAB section, We help recovery or control of High Blood pressure, High Blood sugar, Joint pains, Spondylosis, Pot belly and in general reversing the process of premature ageing.

Via the NUTRITION section, we help in weight optimisation, fat loss, gaining muscle to reshape the body and energize students to feel alert, concentrate better, improve focus, will power and energy levels.

And what is unique is that all of the above is accomplished using Combat modules to create interest, movement of all body parts and joints through its full range of motion. Combat is taight in a regulated manner with appropriate tempo caterng to various age groups.

Call 9820496752 and speak to Ms Zeenat to schedule a visit to MCA – Mumbai Combat Arts Training facility, India’s one and only one dedicated combat training studio.