At MCA -Mumbai Combat Arts Training Center, the MIND ARTS section, We teach Zen Meditation and use the modern day Bodhidharma version of contemplation and explosion of bothersome stress and mental blocks and paving the path for liberation and fulfilled life. 

Buddhism believes more in Meditation than prayer, where introspection and inner focus is used to relieve stress, facilitate spiritual growth. ZEN is a variant of Buddhism founded by Boddhidharma, from India, a successive follower of Buddha. ZEN uses contemplation for reaching enlightenment.

At MCA, we use Zen in a modern day fashion by encouraging Group discussion of life’s phenomena, social issues and work pressures. Via logical debates and objective reasoning, many insights are obtained into lifes problems, breaking traditional outlook. This provides matter for contemplation, provides out of the box solutions for common day-to-day problems. It builds skills of combating adversity with a cool and composed attitude.

Call 9820496752 and speak to Ms Zeenat to schedule a visit to MCA – Mumbai Combat Arts Training facility, India’s one and only one dedicated combat training studio.